Number Footprints

Footprint playground markings are a simple and effective way of guiding children across a playground or along a school pathway whilst aiding them intheir numeracy skillsat the same time! Footprints add a splash of colour whilst being great fun to jump from footprint to footprint. Footprints have been used for safe routes to schools. A simple cost effective marking for guiding children. Footprint playground markings come in various colours Red, Orange, Green, Yellow, Blue are the most common, why not mix it up or just use one colour for each year group. The choices are endless!
Want to know how many footprints to order? – Simple!

1) check (roughly) the stride length of your age group
2) measure the length of the area you need the footprint playground markings to cover
3) Divide the length of the area by the stride distance and hey presto you have the amount of footprints required

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Dimensions 500 × 250 mm


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