Marking Removal

Marking Removal

Announcing our NEW removals service

We now have the ability to remove old playground and car park markings from outdoor surfaces with our new removals machine! Get in contact using the form below, at, or give us a call on 0330 124 2750.

Using the latest water jet technology, we are now capable of removing existing markings with minimal damage to the ground surface. The machine lets us remove old markings so you can place new ones on the surface as needed, ensuring the job looks professional and tidy. We’re now the one stop solution for removals and design for both playgrounds and car parks!

We use a high-pressure water jet machine to remove markings from playground asphalt, meaning no damage to the ground underneath the markings, making it a quick and easy process that should be complete within a half a day to a day, dependent on the number of markings.

Playground Marking Removals

Transform playgrounds using our new removals service! Remove the old and worn out markings and replace them with brand new ones! Whether you’re buying markings from us, or using your own, we can remove the old markings, giving you a blank space to design a new playground for your customers!

Car Park Marking Removals

We can also remove old car park marking lines that have faded, allowing you to install new lines over the top and create a car park layout to the specifications needed. And as the country moves towards increased usage of electric vehicles, it enables you to align new spaces with charging ports where necessary.

Take a look at some recent removals we did...

Check out the removals we did at a primary school just this week! The school wanted to transform a car park into a new play area for the pupils. The removal of the lines allowed us to open up the entire space again so the new markings could be installed exactly as the school wanted them, with no obstruction from old markings.

If you want to enquire about markings removals, or find out if this service is suitable for your job, get in contact using the form below,, or give us a call on 0330 124 2750.