ABOVE Denmark Case Study


ABOVE Denmark is a company based in Denmark that specialises in floor marking, with products ranging across various materials and use cases.

Preformed thermoplastic markings offer a wide range of benefits for floor marking purposes, from longevity to accuracy in replicating the original design. However, thermoplastic markings can be difficult to manufacture and there is a lot of specialised equipment and processes involved, especially if you want to get it right. ABOVE Denmark comes to Thermmark because of our experience, design team, and customer service team, which together provides a cohesive experience that makes large floor art and design projects easy.

The Story of ABOVE Denmark

ABOVE Denmark is a company with more than 10 years of experience in improving outdoor environments, specialising in creating decorative and practical outdoor floor coatings, regularly creating designs using anything from floor and asphalt paint to thermoplastic and rubber coatings. They are one of the leading floor design companies in Denmark, with a unique and vibrant range of colours across floor paint, rubber coating, thermoplastic, and line markings – meaning there is a wide range of possibilities. 

They aim to use their wide range of products to create beautiful environments that are vibrant areas to spend time in by transforming dull tarmac into a space that is colourful and creative.

The Challenge

ABOVE Denmark was approach by a customer of theirs to install a large design (pictured below) in front of a rustic building. 

Around the globe, artwork installations are becoming more common, whether they are standalone pieces such as the one proposed by the customer, or decorative crossings and walkways in public areas. The goal of any art piece should be to get maximum enjoyment out of it, which was the goal of ABOVE Denmark’s customer.

Knowing that this was a large piece, preformed thermoplastic was a great option to ensure that the details could be replicated accurately, and also eliminates the chance of error that painting can bring. It also ensures that the design will last for longer, meaning it can be enjoyed by more people across the years. 

Why They Chose Us

ABOVE Denmark has been a long-term regular customer of Thermmark due to the ease of installation of our products and their relationships with our customer service team that can ask the right questions to help them to bring their ideas to life. When it came to large designs like this one, they knew we had experience with executing large art installations so could assist them with what they needed. With many logistical elements to consider before the product even gets shipped out, we feel that our experience with these types of projects is a big reason why we have repeat customers.

How We Responded 

In many ways, this was a simple project for us. When we received the design file, it was ready to convert into CAD for manufacturing purposes, because ABOVE Denmark had sent it over to us in a vector format that was ready to go straight into our CAD software.

In other ways, the size of the design meant that we had to arrange our packing area completely to be able to put the design all together ready for packing. The large scale of the project meant that we had to get the whole team involved to ensure that all the pieces were put together into the right places, so they could be packed into the correct boxes, which in turn would ensure that the customer’s installation team could easily install the piece properly with no issues. 

Due to our experience with large art installations in the past, we could foresee that installation may have issues or be a time consuming process. To help the customer, we labeled the segments of the artwork and provided a plan of the design with a grid design using letters and numbers to follow, which would make it easier to piece together and assemble at the site of installation, prior to burning in.

The Results

ABOVE Denmark was very happy with the way the product and design came out. They sent over some photos of the finished product, which looked great and helped to add a nice touch to the area. 

“[Installation] went very well. The drawing and the nice cut-outs in the thermoplastic, made it really easy to install.”

They also appreciated the service provided by our sales and customer service teams.

“Thank you very much! I really appreciate the good service you always provide.”

Check out the photos the ABOVE Denmark team kindly sent over of the work to see how it all came together!

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