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Improve Safety for All Road Users

Easy and Fast to Install

Pedestrian, Roads, Car Parks, and More

Custom Pedestrian Crossings

RAL Colours Suitable for Road Use

Lasts 10x Longer than Paint

Thermmark traffic solutions help to make streets and pathways a safer place. From larger vehicles and HGV traffic, to smaller vehicles, along with micromobility and pedestrian traffic, we have road markings to help you create a safe solution wherever it’s needed.

Thermoplastic designs last much longer than traditional road markings made from floor paint, so our floor signs will encourage safety on streets and in public spaces and parks for years. With standard road marking RAL options, plus the widest range of RAL colours in the industry, our expert design team can create the right design for the job. Already have a design you’re looking to get manufactured? We can take care of that too!



Traditional road markings such as road signs, lettering, lines, and can help to control the flow of vehicles and pedestrians and improve safety and efficiency of both vehicle and pedestrian traffic.

In addition to more traditional road markings, towns and cities can be made safe through symbols that indicate bike lanes and other forms of micromobility and smaller transportation. As this form of transport takes hold and increases in popularity around the world, it is important to ensure that safe areas and paths are created to benefit these more vulnerable users of the road.

As the industry leader of preformed thermoplastic road markings, we have developed an efficient process that makes installation simple, with minimal room for installer error. Because our markings are supplied in one layer, even small teams can quickly put together large and complex installations. The high quality thermoplastic material lasts 10x longer than paint, meaning your installation jobs will stay visible for longer.

To help create safer and more efficient roads in towns and cities, we offer a range of markings for traffic solutions, from micromobility markings, road lettering, speed roundels, and pedestrian crossings – we even have the ability to make bespoke and decorative markings, so if you don’t see what you’re looking for, just contact us!



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